There’s no such thing as too much cooling system

I am a person who prefers their air conditioning. It comes from growing up in the deep south where it was unusually moderate all the time. It seemed that most people was residing with air conditioning going in their homes for 9 out of the 12 months of the year. I absolutely hated this growing up, however it was all I knew until I went out on my own as an adult. But today the way my body is custom to air conditioning, I could take the most cold air conditioning in a room and absolutely love it. While normal people from this area of the country would be getting sick, this would not be myself and others at all. I would be pretty relaxed with all the air conditioning in the world. During the Winter time when it gets absolutely cold here, my central heating bill is pretty low compared to the average person around here. This is because I do not use my central heating too much. I can withstand the cold and I absolutely love it. The only time I find myself even having to crank the central heating proposal is when I go to bed at night. This is because our body temperature drops while the people I was with and I sleep. And the people I was with and I would need some kind of fantastic heating to not freeze to death. But when I am awake, I can deal with hot and cold temperatures as low as 65 degrees before I beginning to get cold! You can chalk all this up to growing up in the south and residing in air conditioning as if it were oxygen!


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