Video store lack of AC

When I was in college I worked part time in a video store.

It was a pretty good job in the winter.

There always were a lot of good movies coming out around that time. Business was booming and I had a lot of hours. I would work with multiple employees cashing people out, putting movies back on the shelves and just hanging out. The store heating system was a great one. Whoever set the thermostat was very generous with the heating. I could wear long skirts and short sleeves in the winter while I worked. Once the weather turned hot, that was a totally different story all together. Not as many people liked to rent movies in the summer. It would only be necessary to have one worker in the store. That made going to the bathroom difficult. It was hard getting everyone cashed out and returning movies to the floor. It also was boring and lonely. The worst part was the cooling system, or lack of AC. The store didn’t actually own an air conditioner. What they used was overhead fans to push the cold air around the store. The fans sat stationary all year long though. No one thought to clean the blades. The dust from the blades then circulated in the store and ruined the indoor air quality. My eyes would be bright red and itchy after a shift. I would cough and sneeze as well. It was just horrible. I think that is the main reason I quit there. I couldn’t stand having that hot, dirty air circling around me.