We always paid for quality

As I was growing up, our mom always tried and told us that you get what you spend money for when it comes to important things in life. This applies to houses, cars, clothing, and even your central heating and cooling method in your house. I learned this myself a couple of months ago when I was trying to find a new HVAC contractor to do the normal a/c maintenance task that I needed done in our house. The weather was honestly just heating up for the summer, and I knew that both of us likely needed to get our a/c diagnosed and ran tests on before the rapidly changing temperatures outside got way too hot. I called around to some odd HVAC companies in the space just to try to see what their prices were for a/c tune ups and some of them were truly way too high! I noticed that the HVAC companies that were priced the highest were probably also the 1s that had the best ratings. They had also been in the field the longest. The other 1s were much cheaper, but they didn’t have any super great ratings. I decided to go against everything that our mom used to tell me all the time about getting what you spend money for, and I made an appointment that day with the cheapest HVAC contractor that was available. I guess, looking back though, of course I should have known better! The HVAC contractor that I hired to repair our a/c did a very poor job. I should have just paid the extra money for a better, higher quality HVAC contractor!


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