We aren’t writing out labels on date night anymore

My wifey plus I hopped on the vape-craze early on in the game.

The two of us knew it was going to be big in the future! At the onset of the excitement every one of us bought a nice little E-juice bottle filling machine plus a small locale; every one of us were immediately in business! Our vape shop took off right out of the gates plus every one of us have been enjoying tremendous success with it.

Unfortunately, when it came to last year, every one of us started having concerns keeping up with the local demand (I guess that’s a pretty fantastic issue to have, but still). Our little E-juice bottle filling machine just couldn’t keep up with the business or the strange flavor combinations plus every one of us had to keep switching out the expensive tubes on the vape cartridge filler. The two of us started doing some of our own detailed research online about ways to improve efficiency plus realized the one thing every one of us kept running into was how much better the newer, more updated vape cartridge filling machines were; these things could easily mix multiple flavors plus types of oils (they even make CBD oil filling machines!) right along with the ability to instantaneously label them! The two of us spent a lot of time writing out our very own flavor labels by hand. It was a no brainer that every one of us simply needed to update our E-juice bottle filling machine. The two of us went and bought multiple oil cartridge filling machines- 2 typical E-liquid filling machines plus one CBD oil filling machine. These few modern filling machines are amazing! I knew that they would be extremely helpful, but this filling equipment has made a world of difference! Now we have time to hang out as a couple! The two of us should have updated our E-juice bottle filling machine years ago!



Vape Bottle Filling Machine