We went to the zoo last week

Last week, I took my kids to the zoo but I wasn’t planning on it being quite so cold while we were there! The temperatures around here have been cooling down quite a bit lately, and since the zoo is close to the lake, the weather feels even colder there than it does elsewhere.

  • The wind whips across the lake like crazy sometimes and it always makes it seem colder than it actually is.

We didn’t even take along a winter coat with us because we thought that sweatshirts should be enough that day. I mean, it’s the fall, but the super cold temperatures haven’t really been sticking around so far yet this year. Usually in the afternoons, the sun makes it start heating up when you’re outside. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t happen last week while we were at the zoo. My kids and I were basically freezing the entire time that we were there. We would go inside the areas that were heated so we could stand underneath the heating vents and thaw out for a little while. But of course, the buildings with furnaces running in them were mostly for the reptiles and amphibians. And who wants to spend their day at the zoo staring at snakes and frogs? Not us, that’s for sure. We ended up running in and out of the heated buildings as much as we could. At least the elephants get to live in a building with a furnace. We stayed in the elephant habitat for quite a while, and not only because we love the elephants. There was also a nice heating vent located just above the viewing area!


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