We’re customizing everything

In the modern age we’re existing in, people really expect things to be personalized.

It seems like all the trendy modern people have some sort of monogram or personalized emblem used to express themselves.

For me, a vape shop owner, I also had been trying to come up with ways that could be done in my business. Sure, you have your personalized vape cartridges that regularly sell for an exuberant price, but what about our buyers who didn’t actually have as much disposable income? Then it hit me; I should try to produce customizable labels for our buyers. My first E-liquid bottle filling machine came with a built-in label maker. I consistently labeled all of our E-liquid filling cartridges with our business logo every day. I bought some basic software that allowed myself and others to design more modern logos/emblems for the E-liquid filling cartridges and got to work. For an additional charge, I would let our buyers customize their own E-liquid filling cartridge labels to express themselves in any way they saw fit. I get all kinds of strange images; you should see these things! People appreciate using it. I’ve had so much success- plus fun! – with allowing all my buyers to make their own labels that I have had to invest in 2 extra E-juice bottle filling machines just to keep up with demand. I have also been required to update the label making software to include more fun customizations. I figured that a few people would really appreciate the idea of customizing their E-juice filling cartridges, but I sincerely had no idea that it was going to take off like it has! I’m making money hand over fist every day! I wonder what else I can customize…


E-Juice Bottle Filling Machine