Why do I need an air conditioner?

I really do not understand why I need an air conditioner, but I am being told right now that I absolutely need an air conditioner in order to be comfortable during the summer.

  • I am moving to a new area, and the house that I am going to buy does not have a central air container.

I am moving to the North, and I do not think that I need a central air conditioner. When I lived in the South, I absolutely had to have a central air conditioner. However, the temperatures in the North are much cooler, and I am not sure that I need a central air conditioner. It doesn’t even get very warm. However, the realtor is telling me that I absolutely have to have a central air conditioner. He knows that there is no central air conditioner, but he keeps telling me that he knows an HVAC company that will install a central air conditioner for a great deal. I have seen the quote for the installation of the air conditioner, and I will admit that it is truly a great deal. However, I don’t think that I need a good air conditioner. Even if I did save a couple of hundred dollars on a central air conditioner, why would I need it? If I never plan to use the central air conditioner, I am not actually saving money in the first place. I know that the temperatures in the summer are not hot in my opinion, so I do not see why I need a central air conditioner. The only benefit to having a central air conditioner is the resale value of the home, but I would never recoup the money that I would spend on the central air conditioner.


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