Zone controlled heating and cooling reduce energy bills

A little over a year ago, I arranged my work responsibilities so that I can handle everything from home.

This has made such an improvement in my life. I was spending nearly forty minutes in the car to get to the office every morning. The commute home took longer due to the congestion of traffic. I’m now able to set my own hours, wear comfortable clothing and work without distractions. I’ve found that I’m far more productive. It was helpful to set up a home office where I can shut the door and get my work done without interruption. The majority of the time, my husband is at his job and the kids are at school. I am alone in the house and occupying a single room. I realized that the air conditioner and furnace were working to keep the whole house perfectly comfortable. We were paying excessing energy bills to heat and cool a lot of empty rooms. I looked into the problem online and came up with the solution of zone control. I expected this upgrade to be cost-prohibitive but was pleasantly surprised. I got a free estimate from a local HVAC contractor and then went ahead with the project. The technician installed a series of valves into the ductwork. These valves regulate the airflow to each room and are controlled by independent thermostats. The thermostats feature wifi connectivity and allow me to manage temperature from my smartphone. With the tap of my finger on a user-friendly app, I can make adjustments to the comfort level of any room in the house. I can raise or lower the temperature in my home office without affecting anyone else.