A good breakfast in the morning with a collapsed air duct behind the wall

Breakfast is my most favorite time of the day.

  • I love the food that breakfast as toffee.

I love to just sit and drink my morning coffee as well. I believe it to be so very relaxing in fact. It is the best way to start your day off right. My morning was thrown a little curve ball the other day. I wasn’t expecting it but my HVAC system seemed to be having some small issues. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I had just heard some weird noises and noticed there was little air coming from my vents. The house didn’t feel as cool as it should have been either. I just knew that there was definitely something off about the whole thing. I looked and thought about it and couldn’t figure it out. I called an HVAC company to come to my house yo look at it. I drank my coffee while I wanted but that noise was really bothering me. He came to look at it and it ended up being a collapsed air duct in the system. The collapsed air duct was hitting other thing in the walls. It was banging on things behind the walls. This is what was making all of the noise. It also explains my loss of air coming through the vents just then as well. He would have to get behind the wall to fix a problem like this one. Inlet Jim do it and it seemed like a big job but finally before dinner it was good to go.



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