A modern A/C system isn’t good at all

Dad needed some help and called myself and others saying both of us needed to talk, however i was scared when I got his message since I had missed his call. So I sat on my hands waiting for a chop so I could call him back, and my worst thoughts were about my mom. She had been unwell after getting COVID in 2021, and things weren’t looking up. I was afraid dad had called to share some horrible news and he heard the fear in my voice when I finally called him back, however dad instantly said there was no need to worry since mom was undoubtedly doing much better that afternoon! However, he needed myself and others to go home when I had the chance. I never knew my dad to talk so remorsefully so I went over on my afternoon off, but after going to see with mom, dad and I went for a walk where he shared that they needed a modern A/C for the house… The A/C they had is old, and almost failing. Apparently, dad had hired an Heating and A/C expert 3 times to do repairs when it went off. She did her best however insisted that it was time to invest in a modern A/C for the house. My dad asked myself and others for help purchasing a modern A/C system for the house, something that I knew he would. It’s not straight-forward for my dad to borrow cash from his child unless he was honestly in a narrow spot. I simply stopped, hugged my dad and said it was done. I’d take care of the modern A/C installation and subsequent repair. Dad tried to say no because he wanted myself and others to only pay for half the cost, although I was just as stubborn as he is. A modern A/C system isn’tcheap, and the best way to keep it working is with typical A/C repair.


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