Air conditioning challenges when on vacation

I have not gone on a vacation for the longest time, and I feel fatigued.

My business has kept me on my toes for the past three years, and all I could manage was a few days’ breaks since I needed to be around to monitor everything.

I have excellent workers, but some aspects of the business needed my full attention as I trained a few people that could do what I did without me. This has been exhausting and draining, and I am glad that I can now take longer breaks. I plan to stay away for a month or more if possible to relax and rejuvenate because I know everything is in place. What’s more, I can always communicate with the employees via video calls. I also had a way of monitoring everything in my company remotely, so I was still in charge without necessarily being there. I planned to take a back seat in the company eventually, and this vacation trip would be a significant test phase to see how things are likely to be without my constant active input. The only problem I had was my AC system at home. I was not sure if the best move was to switch it off since I would be away from the house for a long time. It was summertime, and I did not have to worry about bursting pipes due to freezing temperatures. I planned to take my dogs to my mom’s place for better care. I called my HVAC technician for professional advice, and he advised me to get a programmable thermostat that I could monitor when away. I ended up doing this since it was more convenient and practical since I did not want anything in my house to be damaged by heat.