Been without AC for a long while

Until last year I have never been able to travel as much as I wanted.

This basically was a financial problem, of course, because when you happen to work full time to pay the bills as well as don’t have a trust fund or a stock portfolio, it’s fairly taxing to take time off for a trip! Now that I have acquired some even-handed amount of wealth I have traveled the world over the last few months, as well as visited all the locales I typically was hoping to see in person! It certainly was great, but I’m ecstatic to be at my own place again for 2 main reasons – the toilets as well as the AC machines.

The designs of toilets in varying countries are often weird as well as unsettling. There was a profound lack of temperature control almost everywhere the two of us went also. They were very strange indeed, but at least they typically had toilets, unlike AC machines which seemed to be almost unheard of in numerous locales. Even the nicest hotels in these small towns often lacked any kind of cooling machine. They all had baseboard registers for heating in the frosty months, but for the crazy days of Summer there was no relief. Even in The United Kingdom, which I expected was easily civilized, made it taxing to locate accommodations with usual temperature control machines. It was a large relief when my trip was over as well as it was time to come back to the USA, the world’s capital for temperature control! We are good at a lot of things, but our nation’s commitment to heating as well as cooling machines definitely makes me proud to live here.
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