Burning candles requires extra HVAC filters

Pretty much, candle season is just about over in our home! But during the holiday season, you wouldn’t or couldn’t guess the show we get in our lake house thanks to my wife.

I recognize burning lots of candles inside the central air conditioner of their lake house was a thing with my wife’s family.

But she also took that tradition and actually took it to another level; there are so many candles burning during the holiday season that I have to change the heating and air conditioning air filter almost biweekly. If I don’t change the air filter for the heating and air conditioning component that often, it will literally get choked out. So my wife has been burning maybe between 50 and 73 candles everyday for nearly 3 months. My pal and I happen to live in the south, however not so far south that we don’t have any winter, but for sure, it’s not the sort of winter where you need a gas furnace or a boiler just to survive. But the heat pump is on quite correctly to provide the heating that we need! My wife prefers the cozy feeling that all those candles bring and I have to agree. But when you burn that number of candles for that long and on a biweekly basis, that’s a lot of burnt wax in the air. I learned the difficult way that all that burnt wax gets sucked straight to the heating and air conditioning return, and of course that’s where the air filter for the heating and air conditioning component sits. So all of that wax ends up coating the air filter and not allowing the official airflow. That means the week before Thanksgiving, I’m off to the store to get a case of heating and air conditioning air filters.


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