Caulking windows is important for insulation purposes

Thankfully, the drunk golfer agreed to spend money to have the window upgraded.

The back of our condominium overlooks a medium sized golf course. Because our town is a tourist trap, both of us have a lot of snowbirds from up north who stay here during the Winter time plus then retreat northward after Easter. They seem to stay for longer chunks of time each Springtime season. While they’re here, they litter the golf course like flies. Sometimes a few of them get drunk beforehand plus cackle loudly from 10 to 15 yards away. It’s aggravating when I’m trying to get labor done plus all I can hear is a bunch of 60-year-old men loudly stumbling through the fields in a drunken stupor. The worst came when a stray golf ball smashed 1 of our dining room windows. I was busy typing an article on our ipad when I heard the loud crash plus saw shards of glass explode into our room. At first I was in shock plus could barely move—it all hit me like a jolt plus I easily jumped out of our seat when the ball made the impact. Once I calmed myself plus took stock of the situation, our shock turned to anger. I was furious that 1 of the drunk golfers had finally managed to smash 1 of our windows. It was like a reverse scenario from when I was a kid, when I accidentally broke a neighbor’s flower pot with a baseball. Thankfully, the drunk golfer agreed to spend money to have the window upgraded. He even paid to have a heavily insulated window installed. They help retain cool air when the is running plus warm air while the oil furnace is running. But, I still had to seal the window to the wood around it with silicone caulk. This final seal is essential to completely insulate the area from temperature changes plus to ensure your AC is running respectfully.

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