Cigar lounges need special air ventilation and filtration

One of my best friends from school is a huge cigar fanatic.

  • He stops at tobacco stores wherever we go to grab a few for the road.

It’s funny because he never had any interest in trying cannabis because of its federal legality status, but he was more than happy to use a much more dangerous drug just because it was legal and socially accepted in his family. I was invited to get drinks and cigars so often that I started to refuse the cigars. I’m no prude, but those things pack a punch! He figured that he wasn’t getting nicotine effects because according to him, he “wasn’t inhaling.” Inevitably a lot of that smoke does get in your lungs and the rest gets a chance to absorb in your mouth, throat, and sinuses. When I went to a cigar lounge for the first time, I was worried that it would be hot boxed like a freshman dorm room. To my surprise, there was no visible smoke in the air when I entered and I was dumbfounded. I asked the employee behind the counter and they told me that the facility has advanced ventilation and air filtration. Just like a commercial kitchen, this cigar lounge has a large ventilation hood that takes most of the smoke and deposits it outside. Whatever leftover smoke that doesn’t go up the ventilation hood is absorbed into one of four different air purifiers that are stationed within the facility. This way anyone inside the cigar lounge has access to fresh air at all times. The advanced air ventilation and purification prevents smoke from accumulating inside.


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