Combination boiler saves me money on electricity and water bills

I’ve always worked hard to save money where I could.

I don’t eat out unless it’s a social gathering, drive a gas efficient car, and make most of my purchases from thrift stores.

These little things add up to a lot of extra savings over the year, and aren’t difficult to manage in your day to day life. The one realm I had trouble finding ways to cut back on was my energy expenditure. I finally figured out that it was my central heating that ate up the most electricity, after several unsuccessful months of trying to cut back on using lights and appliances. Since my HVAC system was already at least a decade old, I contacted my heating and cooling company to inquire about other heating options. It turns out that I had a pretty inefficient furnace, and they often received complaints about the costs associated with heating homes this way. They informed me of a technology I had never heard of before; a combination boiler. This unit not only heats your house more efficiently, but also replaces your water heater! I thought about all the ways this would help me save on electricity; taking showers, cleaning, and doing laundry could all be combined with the effort to heat my house. This would save me big buck over time, and without having to sacrifice my normal lifestyle. I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about keeping my home comfortably heated anymore. I ended up purchasing the combination boiler unit that very day, and my installation date can’t come fast enough!

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