Dirty ducts

I have noticed that everytime I come into my dwelling lately it stinks legitimately bad, however i can’t put my finger on what the stink is but it isn’t good.

I have taken out the trash, scrub out my refrigerator and deep cleaned the entire house… However, the stink still stays the same no matter what I do.

I started to do some online research to see what the issue might be, many websites that I was said it could possible something inside my ductwork. I didn’t even feel about this issue having to do with my Heating & A/C system! So, the next day I called a local Heating & A/C company to come out and look at my Heating & A/C system. I legitimately hope that there isn’t something living in my ductwork, but thankfully the Heating & A/C tech was able to come out that day and look at my ductwork; After spending what felt like hours up looking in the ductwork, the Heating & A/C tech said she found the issue. She asked when the last time my ductwork was cleaned and I told him I legitimately could not remember. She said that the build up of mold and dust in my ductwork was legitimately had and that I needed to have the ductwork cleaned out every year at least. I was so glad that the Heating & A/C tech told me this buecuase if she didn’t I would have had no idea, from now on I am going to have my ductwork cleaned out every six months just to make sure that I don’t have to deal with this bad stink ever again.


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