Dirty ducts

I have noticed that everytime I come into my household lately it stinks actually bad, but i can’t put my finger on what the stink is however it isn’t good.

I have taken out the trash, scrub out my refrigerator as well as deep cleaned the entire house, but however, the stink still stays the same no matter what I do. I started to do some online research to see what the issue might be, then many websites that I was said it could possible something inside my air duct. I didn’t even know about this issue having to do with my HVAC system! So, the next afternoon I called a local HVAC supplier to come out as well as look at my HVAC system. I actually hope that there isn’t something living in my air duct, however thankfully the HVAC tech was able to come out that afternoon as well as look at my air duct. After spending what felt like hours up looking in the air duct, the HVAC tech said he found the issue. He asked when the last time my air duct was cleaned as well as I told him I actually could not remember. He said that the build up of mold as well as dust in my air duct was actually had as well as that I needed to have the air duct cleaned out every year at least. I was so blissful that the HVAC tech told me this buecuase if he didn’t I would have had no idea. From now on I am going to have my air duct cleaned out every six months just to make sure that I don’t have to deal with this terrible stink ever again.

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