Doctor Ed likes to keep the air conditioning running

Doctor Ed is a wonderful healthcare worker who has a pretty nice personality, however he knows his stuff as well as he can figure out what is wrong with you as well as prescribe the proper amount of medication one would need within minutes.

Many people prefer him as well as get upset if he is on holiday or sick, and some people will even reschedule their appointment to make sure they have him as a healthcare worker. I feel that is a bit insane because if you are sick, don’t you feel you should see a healthcare worker so it doesn’t get worse? The thing about the Doc is that he thoroughly appreciates his central air conditioning appliance. We, the other healthcare workers can’t deal with it as well as yup, it gets pretty frigid in the building at times, however the air quality isn’t the most wonderful at times but my buddy and I suffer through it because my buddy and I see all the thrilled faces that get to see him on their visits. I’m just cheerful about the fact that he has a good personality as well as is honestly understanding. To be unbiased outside of the central air conditioning appliance he is understanding but will draw the line if someone makes a move at turning it off. Also, I don’t know if our healthcare professional office would be open if my buddy and I didn’t have this particular guy. He stands out that much for people as well as it’s imperative for me as well as the other healthcare workers that my buddy and I need him to have a task. I just know on the times that he isn’t here, the control unit settings are actually changed as well as my buddy and I get a lovely break. Anytime Doctor Ed says he might take a day off, my buddy and I push for him to take the day off so we can be comfortable for a change.