Doctor guessed it was the A/C unit that was faulty

My grandfather was a guy who believed in his ability to take care of himself despite his age.

He consistently insisted we let him stay at his house and not force him to come to live with us, then my parents didn’t love that since he lived alone in a big house on the other side of the city.

Still, we learned it was pointless to push the subject. We let him be and only went to visit then leave for our house, then one morning, we were having supper when mum got a call from grandfather. He wasn’t feeling well and had gone to the hospital due to chest concerns and headaches, and when our parents got to the hospital, the doctor told them to check the air quality in the house. The doctor suspected the AC unit in the house was causing our grandfather to develop health concerns. Mom drove our grandfather straight to our house despite his protests as dad checked the AC unit in his home. Dad called an AC maintenance and servicing dealer on the way to meet him there and check out the state of the air conditioner. The doctor had made the right diagnosis. The AC unit in the house was at fault because there was a musty and foul stink! It seemed grandfather hadn’t asked for duct cleaning in a long time. There was mold, dust, and mildew in the air vents producing the stink and so many spores, then breathing in the harmful spores had caused our grandfather to develop health concerns. Dad authorized the AC worker to scrub out the ductworks in the house and maintain the air conditioner. He also got some information about AC maintenance plans for our grandfather.