Doing my best to run a successful janitorial business

While some clients opt for all of our services, others only want us to complete janitorial tasks

More than several years ago, my partner and I started up a landscaping business. Our initial services included lawn and garden work. My partner handles mowing all the lawns and trimming the shrubs and trees. I handle the weeding of gardens, pruning flowers and edging the walkways. As our clients started to request further surfaces, the two of us got involved with cleaning gutters, washing both exterior and interior windows and pressure-washing siding, sidewalks and driveways. Over the chill Winter months, the two of us now offer snow plowing services. I observed, however, that more & more of our clients were inquiring about cleaning indoors. A lot of our clients are either elderly, or career-driven individuals or commercial businesses. They were looking for pros to handle floor cleaning, lavatory cleaning and basic janitorial jobs. My partner and I expanded the business to accommodate demands. The people I was with and I needed to take out a few loans to invest in repair trucks and specialized equipment. The people I was with and I hired on a new staff that has gradually increased to include twenty employees. Our janitorial repair has garnered a reputation for quality task at reasonable prices, and the two of us have a waiting list of additional clients. Our clients care about the convenience of hiring a single business to handle everything. From keeping their driveways and parking lots clear of snow to supplying toilet paper and bar soap, the two of us do it all. Our clients have the ability to choose from odd packages. While some clients opt for all of our services, others only want us to complete janitorial tasks. The demands of our self-owned business have taken my partner and I out of the outdoor work. While I miss being outside and gardening and am not a fan of all the invoices and paperwork, I am actually enjoying the financial rewards of success.

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