Dreams of powerful air conditioning appliances can be very unpleasant

Staring down the really long hall, I have to get to room 475 as well as it’s so far down there.

  • It’s a massive distance as well as this walk in itself will make me lose a bit of weight.

I know I need to lose weight anyways but by the time I get to my hotel room, I’ll need to take a shower from this tremendous walk. Perhaps, it’s a bit of sarcasm but still, this isn’t a wonderful thing. I don’t completely understand why I felt it was a fabulous idea to take the stairs up to the fifth floor but now I know it actually wasn’t. Also, the parking lot was totally filled so it would’ve taken me a little less time to walk to the elevator but the walk would’ve been fairly long no matter what. As I started to walk down the hall I was able to feel a breeze, a seriously cool breeze, that of an a/c appliance cooling me down. It was getting considerably stronger as well as stronger as well as the walk became much more challenging as it felt like I was fighting my way to my room. I can see the vent blowing from the far side of the hallway as well as pictures on the walls turning to an angle due to the powerful breeze which feels like hurricane wind from the a/c vent. Who messed with the temperature control unit? I was halfway to my room as well as started to hold on tightly to the wall. The hotel felt like it was alive as it didn’t want me to manage to arrive at my room. I need to get to my room! What is going on at this moment? Then all of a sudden I was able to hear yelling as well as I woke up to my fiance. I was still in frantic mode as well as he said, “It was only a dream as well as I need sleep for our flight.” I felt that was rude but room 475 is our hotel room tomorrow night, and I don’t know what to make of it.

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