Drew wanted the AC ready for the long summer months

Drew knew his girlfriend was going to be staying with him all summer.

He had to admit he was so eager to have her over and even planned on asking her to stay.

Her job was flexible, so she worked remotely. Before they met, she’d travel all over the world working and having a blast. Drew always felt a little jealous of how much freedom she had in her life. He found himself missing her more when she was away, so he asked her to move in with him. But, first, he had to ensure the house was in order. Part of the work he planned to do was check on the AC unit. It was an old unit that Drew got as part of the house when he bought it. The cooling unit worked effectively to keep the house cool in summer for some time. However, Drew noticed the AC unit was running a little slow the previous year. He’d thought it was all because of lack of servicing, but the unit’s age was the issue. The HVAC employee who came to inspect the failing cooling unit advised Drew to make plans to get another one in place before the next summer. Time had finally caught up with him, and Drew wanted to purchase a new AC. He spoke with the AC business in the area about the cost of a new AC unit and installation. Lucky for him, they had a 50% discount on new AC installations, which meant he saved a little cash. In addition, he’d finally have the AC ready for the summer months he planned on spending with his girlfriend.
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