Ductwork troubles may point to other troubles

I’ve been easily busy lately & there is no end in sight! I’m toiling full-time while also trying to help our parents find a location to rent before they transport out here. I have been talking to realtors & looking at properties on any spare time that I get, some of the sites I have looked at are pretty terrible, but the owner’s have neglected the properties & some of them are decades-old. Some of the renovated sites have cheap materials & aroma pretty bad. In our area, the most crucial thing is that the air conditioner works great. I’m having trouble finding a location for our parents with great air conditioner too. I go so far as to crawl up into the crawl spaces of any prospective apartment or beach house & make sure that I don’t see any evidence of bugs, mice, or roof damage. I found an beach house that was almost perfect for our parents. It didn’t have any odd aromas & it seemed to have been renovated recently. Then I crawled into the attic & noticed that the ductwork to the had not been sealed in a long time! Air was escaping into the attic. To make matters worse, I could tell that the ductwork was certainly dusty because I could see into it. This would not do. The location our parents transport into has to be well worked on & not come with pre-existing troubles! My realtor says I’m being too picky & that many of these troubles can be fixed before transport in, but that is not the point. The point is that if 1 thing has been neglected (ie the ductwork) then who knows what else has been neglected as well?

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