Ensuring that the concert can run smoothly

When the rest of the fans were all excited about the upcoming concert, the managing and preparation team were running helter-skelter to make sure that everything before and during the concert would run smoothly, and due to previous experience, I had long learned to always have an air conditioner worker with me during the concert whether from where we are coming from or from the local air conditioner dealer, but it was always better to get one from the local business because they would be more conversant with the existing infrastructure and the air conditioner installation! For this particular concert, I was lucky enough to have a buddy who was an air conditioning system workman in this town and he was a wizard when it came to an Heating and A/C unit including any type of commercial a/c.

He would be in charge of the air conditioner maintenance and any air conditioner repair maintenance that may be needed, he was also to have a colleague with him.

He had assured me that his colleague was really good at his work and even knew more about air conditioning than he did. The changing and prep room for the artists were fitted with a ductless multi-split that was regulated by some ancient-looking dial thermostat which he assured me that it worked fine. There was no need for any new air conditioner unit because thorough a/c maintenance had made sure everything was in good condition, and with that in check, I could relax a little but there were other things I needed to observe and in truth, I could only relax when the concert was over and both of us were all backup heading back home.

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