Forced to run outdoors

My local fitness center was closed for 6 months.

The pandemic was really inconvenient.

I was not happy that I couldn’t workout at the facility. I normally headed to the fitness center five to six days per week for at least an hour. I liked using the sauna and hot tub. It was a great way to alleviate stress from work. I would often end the workout with a soak. I was also in the middle of training for a local marathon coming up in the Spring. I was hoping to increase my strength, speed and stamina. I’ve found that running on a treadmill or using the elliptical is a great way to prepare. There was also easy access to stationary bikes, rowing machines, punching bags, indoor track, strength training machines, dumbbells, battle ropes and more. I pay a decent amount for membership for the sake of these amenities. During the pandemic, I was really frustrated. It’s not like I no longer got charged for membership. I was still paying the fees while attempting to run outdoors. I mapped out a route around the neighborhood that covered 6 miles and included some inclines. When I first started running the path it was difficult. I struggled with uneven pavement, unpredictable weather and exhaust fumes. I gradually got accustomed to the difficulties of running outside and steadily increased my distance. I got up to 15 miles. While I got where I enjoyed running outdoors, I am still relieved that the fitness center has reopened. It’s such a relief to be able to workout inside a temperature controlled gym during nasty weather.



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