Found a baby bird

Two weeks ago I was leaving my work with my boyfriend, and noticed something strange on the ground as we approached the car. It was very small and moving around in an odd manner that immediately caught my attention. As we got closer, I realized it was a baby bird floundering around near a puddle in the lot. We looked all over the place, but couldn’t find a nest in the bushes neighboring the cars. So I scooped him up and brought him home with me. The first order of business was getting a heating lamp so he could stay warm enough without his mother providing extra heat. I smashed up worms for him and fed him through a wide syringe, similar to the way a mother would. But I as I fed him I noticed how ridiculously hot it was getting in my apartment next to the heat lamp. I turned down the air conditioner a bit, and made sure that the thermometer in his “nest” was still appropriately tempered, but it was still pretty unbearably warm in my living room. I decided there was no other choice but to put up with the uncomfortable air quality until I could find the little guy a permanent home, and set up several fans in my bedroom so at least I could sleep at night without turning the air conditioner down any further. We went through several days of this until I found a wildlife refuge that would take him off my hands, and although I was sad to see him go, I was happy to have my cool indoor air back again.

a/c workman