Frozen exhaust pipe

What’s worse than a long and stressful day of work? A long and stressful day of work and coming home to no heat! I was so surprised when I came home from work one day and saw that my thermostat read 50 degrees! I was lost for words and I panicked slightly when I realized that I could not fix my heating system.

I decided not to call my local heating and cooling technician right away because I wanted to try to troubleshoot the issue myself. I’m a very strong-willed person and I do not like to depend on other people. I went downstairs to my furnace, I checked my air filter, and i even took the front cover off to look at the circuit board. I didn’t see anything unusual. I was running out of reasons as to why this was happening so I decided to ask my neighbor because he is very handy and has helped me with multiple issues that I’ve had in my home in the past few years that i’ve lived in the neighborhood. I told him that the furnace looked fine downstairs but he asked me if I looked outside near the exhaust pipe. I told him that i did not look there and he showed me where the exhaust pipe was located. When we went outside we in fact did see that the exhaust pipe was frozen. He told me that this is one of the main reasons why my furnace was not working. So he helped me defrost the exhaust pipe and he told me to wait an hour or so to see if my heat would kick on. My neighbor was right and my heat did end up kicking on. Luckily I was able to bypass having a local heating and cooling technician take a look at my HVAC system.

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