Getting a generator for rainy season

I live down south where my friend and I get hurricanes constantly… Every year there is a crucial hurricane warning that correctly amounts to nothing! My buddy and I don’t get a bunch of detriment with branches of water, and it seems to just rain plus be slightly windy, then the only thing that happens is my friend and I lose power every time, and usually the power is out for a full afternoon.

It isn’t that crucial of a deal, but it is super inconvenient.

My hubby works online for a company up north. They don’t get hurricanes like us; So my hubby is regularly angry that he is missing work when the power is out. I am angry because I cannot work out plus shower. I can’t make a bottle for my baby or disinfect dishes or disinfect the clothes. It seemed to be a once a year stressor that wasn’t necessary. I then looked for an electrical company that sells generators. I purchased us a small apartment generator to power the apartment when the electricity goes out while in hurricane season. The electrician answered all my questions, advocated the right one, plus got it installed for me, however now when the power goes out, the generator kicks on immediately. My buddy and I have only done one hurricane since buying the generator but it was more than worth it. My hubby plus I are so relieved it is no longer an issue anymore… A generator isn’t something that is going to lose value either. I know the worst comes to worst. My buddy and I could sell it if it doesn’t turn out to be worthwhile to own.

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