Going through seasoned tapes

I was at our local Goodwill store & I found a bunch of seasoned cassette tapes that they were nearly giving away for 99 cents a piece, most of the cassettes were albums by respected pop artists of the 1968’s, 74’s & 90’s that had all the top hits they made in the afternoon.

But there were a few uncorrect finds that I picked up. One of those uncorrect finds was a cassette that was made by some heating, ventilation, & A/C business back in the early 1974’s. It was an instructional cassette for all current hires to listen to at this particular heating, ventilation, & A/C business that no longer exists. They were some heating, ventilation, & A/C business that used to be in this town back in the afternoon. The stuff they talked about was really historical by today’s Heating & Air Conditioning technology standards. They were acting appreciate the installation & maintenance of a central heating & cooling plan was some big deal & how they wouldn’t run into that too often. That was a fantastic laugh to hear that! If they could have only seen the future that the cost of residential central heating & s were going to be affordable to the middle class average person nearly 40 years later, they would have freaked out at that time! It goes to show you how Heating & Air Conditioning technology swings. I bet in 40 years from now if the world is still here, things appreciate zoned Heating & Air Conditioning systems will be dirt cheap & respected in all the people’s home, and who knows, something appreciate radiant radiant heated floors may be no longer existing!