Having a HVAC buddy

It is funny that they say that people change after high university! People go off to university & they change.

There is something about people going out on their own that they truly find out what they prefer & who they are. I have run into really few people since I graduated high university, one man I ran into in identifiable was an aged friend. She was now an Heating & Air Conditioning worker. I had been having some problems with my Heating & Air Conditioning system lately & I had to call my local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. They sent me an Heating & Air Conditioning worker & it was her. My associate and I spent some time catching up before he even looked at the system. I appreciated that he was the one to come to my condo because he showed me a lot of things about my system that I truly did not know before. The most substantial thing he showed me was how to change my air filter. She even filled me in about air filters. There is a definitely number that air filters receive. These numbers pretty much tell you how much air flow it will allow & how much debris it can catch. There are several that you can choose from but it truly depends on what you are looking for particularly. She opened up the Heating & Air Conditioning component & showed me right where the air filter was. She showed me the official way to take it out & replace it. It was simple. That was absolutely the problem that I was having. She told me that now that I know how to change it I should not have any problems. I should change it at least once a month to avoid any major problems like I had been having before.

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