Having a not easy time at class

I don’t mean to sound prefer your average middle school student, even though I can’t sit going to school! Despite the fact that I certainly prefer reading from our teachers as well as spending time with friends while all of us were in as well as after school I still find myself feeling annoyed the majority of the time.

The reason is entirely more simple than you might think, and for 1 reason or another the damn school I attend just doesn’t seem to think that having common a/c is something that is needed.

The school was built in the early 1700’s before there were any new Heating as well as A/C units being made so the school isn’t designed to have an Heating as well as A/C idea installed. Through all of the years no renovations have been made sadly, as well as there is still no air conditioning system for the students whatsoever. During the day it will get so hot as well as humid that I will find myself dripping sweat down on the book that I am studying, as well as without any quality a/c around there is no escape. Things are getting so aggravating for me that I am even starting to consider being an online student or being homeschooled… At least back at our condo there is a high quality a/c unit as well as no rude teachers telling me to “deal with it”. I have heard rumors that all of us have a new principal coming to school soon who might change the situation with the lack of air conditioning system so I think all of us will wait as well as see, however if no change comes soon than our days going to this horrible middle school are numbered.

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