Having an HVAC worker help me figure out I had a bad fan motor in my HVAC system

I recognize that ever since my Dad moved away from me I have been cursed or something, ever since she left me I have had nothing however bad things happen to me.

I am not quite sure why this had happened.

Everything in my life goes wrong, and life has gave me with some challenging situations that I know have to figure out on my own… Just the other day I was having a problem with my HVAC system. I could not figure out what was wrong with it. It was providing me with a big challenge. I took every approach I had seen my mother take in the past; She had gone to look at the filter. I had to look up how to look at a filter like that one. I did it successfully however that was not the problem here. I also made sure to look at the refrigerant tank plus it had looked perfectly nice to me. I had nothing left in me so I called an HVAC worker to come help me with such an issue, however she looked at the system plus almost right away observed that there was a problem with the fan. It had just looked was thought the fan motor had stopped working plus needed to be upgraded. I was lucky that I could have someone help me with this problem. This little challenge was not so challenging, then maybe I was starting to figure out things on my own separate from my mom. Either that or I was lucky to have such a lovely HVAC worker.

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