Having an old friend who is now and HVAC technician show me how to change an air filter

It is funny that they say that people change after high school.

People go off to college and they change.

There is something about people going out on their own that they really find out what they love and who they are. I have run into very few people since I graduated high school. One person I ran into in particular was an old friend. She was now an HVAC technician. I had been having some problems with my HVAC system lately and I had to call my local HVAC company. They sent me an HVAc technician and it was her. We spent some time catching up before she even looked at the system. I loved that she was the one to come to my house because she showed me a lot of things about my system that I really did not know before. The most important thing she showed me was how to change my air filter. She even filled me in about air filters. There is a certainly number that air filters receive. These numbers pretty much tell you how much air flow it will allow and how much debris it can catch. There are several that you can choose from but it really depends on what you are looking for specifically. She opened up the HVAC unit and showed me right where the air filter was. She showed me the proper way to take it out and replace it. It was easy. That was actually the problem that I was having. She told me that now that I know how to change it I should not have any problems. I should change it at least once a month to avoid any major problems like I had been having before.