Heating goes out on car

The element in my heating coil burnt out

I am the type of person that has no luck! Just last week I had to get new tires on my car because I hit a pothole so hard that it blew my tire out. When I went to go get it fixed the tire guy told me that I should just end up replacing the other three of my tires because it’s not good to have different tires on the car since it ruins the alignment of the car. So I was busy trying to find new tires for that all last week. Then just this week the heating in my car went out. I was so upset about this due to the fact that I am in my car more times than I can count since I drive it to work every day. I have to drive about 45 minutes one way just to get to work and at this point I feel like i need a very reliable car. I need a car where the heat is not failing on me. I feel like that is a sign of an old car. When I took my car to the dealership where I bought it 15 years ago, they serviced it and said that the reason why my heat went out was because the heating fan stopped working. I had to buy a new fan and the heating coil in my car also went bad. The element in my heating coil burnt out. My mechanic told me that a heating coil is very similar to one that is installed in my furnace. After getting my fan replaced and the heating coil I was nervous to go home in case my furnace blew. I feel like that would happen since I experienced an awful week.

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