Helped my child create her own sound studio in the garage

My child has consistently been a talented musician, she comes up with her own instrumentals that she makes with her keyboard, guitar, and microphone.

She also has some amazing vocals.

She wanted myself and others to help him make a little sound studio and she asked if she could use the garage space for it… Both of us never put our cars in the garage, so I didn’t see why not. I also realized that she needed a number of things to have a familiar little sound studio. Both of us needed to soundproof the garage so it wasn’t so noisy, all of us needed to install some style of Heating and Air Conditioning system, and all of us needed to get him some better component for the sound studio. The first thing I did was call an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to see how much it would cost to either extend the HVAC duct into the garage or just install a separate Heating and Air Conditioning system. The Heating and Air Conditioning tech I spoke to advocated that I go with a ductless mini-chop Heating and Air Conditioning. She said it would only require an outdoor condenser and an indoor Heating and Air Conditioning machine for the heating and cooling functions in the garage. The best area was that the installation was reasonable, and the ductless mini-chop was highly energy efficient, however after I had the Heating and Air Conditioning area taken care of, I proceeded to have the garage soundproofed. Then I helped my child transport her existing component into the garage. After that, all of us talked about what other component she needed. Both of us got him an replaced sound system and quality microphones for recording! Now she makes a lot of money just by helping people record their music officially. I’m undoubtedly proud of my daughter.


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