He’s on a month-long commercial heating and air conditioning task in another state

My hubby is away in another state for a month-long commercial heating and air conditioning task.

Normally, the residential heating and air conditioning business rents them fully furnished apartments or motels where they stay.

Then, they report every morning to the task site so they don’t have to travel long distances. The teenagers were anxious about their dad spending his birthday alone so far away from the family. Unfortunately, they had to work through the weekend to complete the work since they were quite behind. We’d been simply experiencing the most awful storms, so this delayed their work for a week. I spoke with our teenagers and planned how my friend and I could make their dad’s afternoon special. He works so hard so I can stay at apartment and raise the teenagers. I do freelance work online writing articles, but I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. And he never once complained of actually having to travel so far or work tirelessly. This was a special year where he was turning 40, so my friend and I planned to surprise him at the rental apartment. I know his boss at the heating and air conditioning business and called him with my plans. He’d find a way to get me a key for his venue, and we’d get there to decorate the venue, however you should have seen his face when he came from the commercial heating and air conditioning task and my friend and I yelled ‘surprise’ as he walked into the apartment. My associate and I had a cake, balloons, food, and treats. And best of all, my friend and I got to spend the weekend with him celebrating his birthday before my friend and I had to drive back home.


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