His only issue is there is a slow leak that he must repair

Brian has so much work to do. Well, it’s some few hours of work, but it can feel like a full afternoon with all of the interruptions that happen. He is delighted that he has hot water in the apartment now after several weeks of going without it. Taking cold showers at night when he gets to the apartment is a thing of the past finally. Now, Brian can enjoy a relaxing shower without feeling like he jumped into the Arctic Sea. The frigid showers sting the skin and a hot water system is such a nice thing that Brian feels like hugging the modern one that he installed last night. He did the install himself and is pretty delighted with it, except there is a slow leak that he needs to fix soon. Brian just needs to figure out if he must drain the heating unit or if he can fix the leak without draining it completely. It holds about 25 gallons of water and it feels like such a waste having to drain it all out to fix a little leak. However, Brian is sure that is the only way he can do it. The heating worker told him that he has to detach this valve from the line and repair it, so it looks like draining the tank is necessary to fix the leak and be done with this once and for all. Brian knew the seasoned tank lasted about eight years and this one should last the same.

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