House sitting and heater goes out

I have been close friends with my neighbors ever since we moved into our neighborhood and that was ten years ago. Our neighbors have become like family to use and we really trust them. I go to our neighbors anytime something is wrong at our house and I really like to think that they do the same. Whenever we go out of town for work or vacation I always ask them to watch our dogs. I know that they will take great care of our dogs just like we would if we were in town. Since we always want to make sure to return the favor, I offered to house sit for them when they go one vacation this summer. They are going to be gone for about a month and they want someone they trust to watch their house while they are gone and it’s perfect because we are right next door. So, our neighbor showed me how everything worked at their house a few days before they left. I asked her to show me how they set their thermostat so I wasn’t changing it too much while they were gone. I am so glad that I asked her to show me their HVAC system because it is much nicer than ours and I don’t think I would have been able to figure it out without her help. There HVAC system was a little too confusing to be honest, but I am sure it works really well. After house sitting for them I am sure going to be glad to go back to our normal HVAC system that isn’t so confusing to use.


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