How to improve air conditioning at no cost

I did know how to properly minimize the cost of air conditioning in my house until my best friend came over to visit for a few days.

I always had my AC running in summer as this was the only way to keep the house temperatures comfortable in summer.

I live in an area where temperatures can get too high and uncomfortable. However, this summer was different as my friend wondered why I still kept opening the windows when the sun was too hot. I believed that the fresh air from outside would keep the house cooler. Unknown to me was that opening windows and blinds during the hottest daytime of the day only made the situation worse. I learned from my buddy that the best way to keep the house cool without even using the AC was to close the windows and blinds during the hottest periods. It was only safe to open the windows for a short time when the sun went down. Closing blinds and windows prevented the sun’s rays from getting inside the house. She also advised that we cook outdoors for most of the time since the kitchen’s heat made the home warmer and uncomfortable. I switched to using my outdoor kitchen and noticed a vast difference in temperatures. She also told me how she used ceiling fans whenever she was inside the house and kept the AC temperatures at constantly recommended temperatures. By the end of the hot seasons, my energy bill was so much lower than I had ever received, thanks to the tips I now implemented. Hopefully, I can also teach my mom these tricks since she struggles with the same energy bills in summer due to running the AC more.