HVAC maintenance before I made a break for it

I had lived in this house for about three months when I noticed how cold it felt, especially in my bedroom.

Before moving into this house, I lived in a much smaller place.

After some shortcomings, I moved cities and found this ample space at a fair price in a small quiet town. I love my house and have gradually added personal touches to it. I have quality HVAC equipment that I purchased a few years back. During the HVAC installation, the HVAC professional told me the device would last many more years if it received regular HVAC maintenance. The one I had in the other house had done ten years before it started misbehaving. It would, at times, emit cold air; sometimes, at night, it would make these unusual noises. Since I was rarely in the house, I did not notice how bad it had gotten. A day before my problems began, the HVAC unit and the thermostat finally gave in. Things were rocky then, and I needed to be in the right frame of mind to call the HVAC business. After a week of no help with indoor comfort, I called the HVAC to provide and book an appointment. The HVAC repairman was also to deliver a new HVAC filter. The unit, however, did not have long to be of service. He checked the ductwork for leaks, but none, and then he fixed the equipment. Immediately after the tech left, I was on my way out with my suitcases. I could not take it anymore. I purchased new HVAC equipment in my new place and made sure to take care of it. Now with a quality HVAC, I did not have to worry about sudden breakdowns. It was also from one of the best HVAC brands.

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