I didn’t plan to have my ex come out to work on my HVAC

I called for a service tech to come out to my property, & my ex bestie showed up! It was bad enough seeing him months after such a brutal breakup, however it was even worse because he thought I had set this up… I explained to him it was a coincidence, & if anything he should have seen my name on his work order.

Of course, Ed was adamant that I didn’t need any repairs done, & that this was just a trick to see him again. Ed constantly was rather full of himself, so I had to prove to him the service call was real, & that my air conditioner certainly was broken. At the start he refused to even look at my central Heating & Air Conditioning components, so I had to threaten to call his boss & report him for not doing his actual work. He got to work after that, & abruptly closed his mouth when he saw the horrific state of my air conditioner. He explained that the air filter had not been changed in many months, and when the air filter gets dirty it restricts airflow into the system, which puts extra strain & wear on the air conditioner equipment. After running on a dirty air filter for so long my HVAC equipment had simply shut down due to being overworked. Ed explained all the work that was needed to service my system, & I told him I would reach out to another Heating & Air Conditioning tech to do the repairs. Any other Heating & Air Conditioning tech would be more pleasant than having my ex hanging around the property!


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