I found myself cleaning to prepare for arrival of janitorial service

Just around two years back, I gained a promotion at work.

This promotion involved much higher spend money however it also came with greater responsibilities and longer hours.

I found it taxing to keep up with the regular demands of my home. Between all my work hours, grocery shopping, plus the normal laundry, cleaning and cooking, there was no time left over to spend with my kids. The new and hectic lifestyle and resulting stress started to take a toll on my health. I struggled to get a decent night’s sleep, was tired all day and suffered from frequent headaches. My partner presented the system of hiring a professional janitorial repair to fulfill the household cleaning requirements. He had done some research and found a local business with actually good shopper reviews. Plus, this business provides a wide array of services. They aren’t just a maid repair that comes in and does a little dusting. They will take out the garbage, replace lightbulbs, complete the laundry, sweep the porch, disinfect the insides of the oven, steam disinfect carpets and just about any indoor job there is. While the two of us first hired the janitorial service, I worried about strangers coming into my home. I didn’t really want them to see the piles of dirty laundry or dust bunnies under the couch. I worried that they would judge me because there was soap scum in the tub and fingerprints on the refrigerator. I drove myself silly cleaning the apartment in preparation. However, I’ve gradually allowed myself to relax and now allow the janitorial repair to do their jobs. I love their attention to detail. I actually really dig coming home from task to a perfectly disinfect and tidy home. I now can devote more of my free time to more wonderful activities.
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