I learned more about heating and cooling on TV

Watching TV in the late night when you are bored could actually have some educational benefits. The other night I was up all night on the couch watching TV and I came across some odd ball late night program that was sort of like a documentary on the world of heating and air conditioning systems. What an odd subject! I was so taken aback by this that I just decided to watch it. And let me tell you I learned so much more about heating and air conditioning it was ridiculous! I actually feel like I went through a mini late night course on becoming either a certified heating and air conditioning specialist or a heating and air conditioning factory worker that builds central heating and air conditioning system units! That is how informative this over an hour long show on heating and cooling systems were. It talked about the inner workings of a central heating and air conditioning system unit as well as the history on both heating and air conditioning. I was pretty enthralled by it all. It was possibly the most interesting thing I had seen on the television in ages. And the fact that it was on in the middle of the night when hardly anyone is watching TV was even more mind boggling. I think they just had to fill time and run something on the station. That was most likely the reasoning behind it. But to me it was a very educational 80 mins or so of my life!


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