I look forward to the time when the cooling industry solves our cooling problems

I feel I mentioned before that I got my electricity bill for the last 2 months as well as that it was over $600.

I live in a truly small place as well as last year I paid about $250 for the same phase of time over the summer, as well as I feel last Summer was even hotter than this summer.

The power rates have gone up essentially like crazy as well as it makes you afraid to turn on the air-conditioning in the warm season, even when it’s blazing outside as well as you are dripping with sweat in your household. It shouldn’t be this way as well as they have to find some kind of current plan for cooling us down that doesn’t cost a great deal of money. There must be a way to use the wind, water, or something from the Earth to cool everybody down, as well as I feel it’s just a matter of time until they crack the code as well as solve it. The only people that are glad when you turn on your air conditioning device are the people that run the power plants as well as the power companies! All of that money goes into their pockets in the end as well as I feel they are being greedy. And I’m sure that the presidents as well as owners of these power companies have some truly substantial houses that they have to support, as well as it’s us that is paying for those households. Hopefully the HVAC industry will solve the issue soon as well as then we do not have to worry about paying money every time we turn our air conditioning device on while in the summertime heat.


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