I love the days that have an ideal temperature

Today is one of those days where it is not hot or frosty outdoors, it’s just perfect out plus I have my windows open plus I do not need to use my air conditioning or heating device.

  • I do have a powerful air cleaner that I run a lot, but when the windows are open I do not love to run it because it will simply clog it up easily fast.

And it is not windy this month so there is no pollen or dust blowing around, so it should be just fine to have the windows open all day. I normally have the windows closed with the air conditioning device on but now it’s much cooler, as tomorrow is November 1st plus we finally turned the corner from the hot weather. I think it will be a few weeks until I need the heating device because we do not get frosty weather easily until January, when it’s cold. It’s not that cold, so I easily do not need to run the heating device too much in the household. In fact, I normally just use my little oil furnace plus drag it around from room to room wherever I happen to be, when it’s frosty out. Today I plan on working for a few hours or so plus then I’m going to go outside, maybe go to the park with my friend plus have a picnic. I may go to the beach plus play some volleyball if I honestly feel inclined to do so. A lot of the local dealers are closed this month so I cannot get that Heating & A/C filter that I need for my main device until tomorrow.

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