I need the right climate control for my greenhouse

I was honestly surprised to find out how much I appreciated gardening.

There really is something Zen about it, plus to me working in the garden is similar to meditation, except for the fact that I also get exercise at the same time! The effects on my mental health have been beautiful, plus this has helped even more with the discovery that I am not too bad at it! I have a green thumb, as they say, so I am looking to get my own greenhouse in due time.

This will require investing a little amount of cash, because I actually want a big one, plus I need a solid climate control appliance for it as well. Happily my buddy Sam, who I went to middle school with, is now working as a Heating and Air Conditioning tech for a local contractor. I decided to ask Sam to come by, look at what I had plus hear about what I was hoping to get, so I could get a price estimate for the climate control equipment I would need. To my surprise, Sam had the best news, plus informed me that I could save big money because my actual climate control equipment needs were very tight. In all honesty I didn’t actually require an air conditioner or heating, because the sun would handle that. All I really needed was great ventilation, plus a reliable humidifier to keep the moisture levels where I needed them. The cost for the humidifier systems was pretty cheap and that allowed me to get a smart thermostat that I could control remotely, plus a small plant-friendly area heater, for the frigid snaps of the cold season.



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