I waited too long before hiring a janitorial repair to disinfect my mom’s house

My mom can go online, fill out a form and request special services

My mother just recently turned 68 years old. She is still mentally sharp and physically fit. She always drives herself everywhere — to the grocery store, to lunch with friends every Wednesday afternoon and to cook dinner for my whole family every Wednesday night. She loves swimming at the local YMCA many times while I was in the month and enjoys taking long hikes when the weather permits it. She’s still involved with local politics and raises the most gorgeous roses. I want my sweet mother to care about his life and not need to worry about or overly exert herself with her apartment cleaning. Hauling a heavy vacuum cleaner is too much for her. I actually don’t want her climbing on a ladder to scrub light fixtures or take care of cobwebs. I don’t suppose that she should be stripping the bed or moving heavy furniture for cleaning purposes. To simplify all the household challenges for my mom, I hired a janitorial service. They visit the apartment while she’s at lunch with his friends. The janitorial professionals spend a couple hours completing a thorough cleaning service. They disinfect the carpets, clean the lavatories, scrub linens, dust and scrub the windows. While there is an expense involved with using this service, it’s particularly worth it. They do a great job and are willing to tackle just about any household task. My mom can go online, fill out a form and request special services. She can ask the janitorial business rep to disinfect the inside of the refrigerator, change light bulbs, sweep the front steps or scrub out the curtains. Because of this service, my mom has more time to do the things that she loves.


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