I waited too long before hiring a janitorial repair to keep daycare disinfected

The Operation of a daycare requires upholding exacting standards of quality.

I need to meet rigid and strict state regulations and licensing stipulations.

I not only want to hire employees that can nurture and educate all the children in my care, however I prioritize a clean, safe and comfortable environment. I think the indoor air conditions are severely crucial. Small children are way more susceptible to airborne contaminants. Some of the pre teens I look after suffer from pollen irritations and asthma. I take care of infants who are rather vulnerable to respiratory infection. I take every possible measure to create safe places for the teenagers to play, learn, eat and nap. I deliver anit-bacterial hand soap and requirements all workers to scrub their hands at least once every many hours. I have enrolled in an annual repair contract with a local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, and every Springtime and in the fall, a service techs thoroughly cleans the heating and cooling device to prevent the introduction of harmful toxins in the air. I make sure to replace the air filters every 4 to eight weeks. I’ve also hired a professional janitor to handle the bi-weekly cleaning of the facility. They are sure that every surface has been disinfected, from the doorknobs to the carpets. They always empty the trash and stock the lavatories with toilet paper and soap. The janitorial repair company advised the upgrade of hands-free soap dispensers and hand dryers. We’ve also agreed to automatically flushing toilets. Because of the efforts of the janitorial staff my facility is fresh, looks well-tested and ensures healthy indoor air conditions. When the teens are crawling around on the floor and stick toys in their mouth, I don’t need to be too nervous.



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