I’m thinking about getting a portable air conditioning unit

With all of the baseball games that we have coming up this summer, I think that I might look into getting one of those portable air conditioning units that I’ve been reading about.

I was really thinking about it a lot but I wanted to make sure that I could get the most affordable and portable air conditioning system out there on the market.

I wanted maximum cooling power, portability, quality, and ease of use! It’s funny what I found out, though. I was thinking that I was going to end up with a large cooling unit that somehow plugged into my car or ran off of a generator or something like that. But the cooling device that I ended up with to help keep me cool at multiple baseball games was something much smaller. I ended up with something called a blast neck air cooling unit. This device gives you cool air and it always keeps the humidity away from your face and head also. You can rotate the air vents on the device and the cooling air can flow in whichever direction you aim it. It is a one size fits all air conditioning device, and this wearable air conditioner has three settings. No matter how hot the temperature is outside, you won’t ever have to worry about getting overheated with this neat little wearable A/C unit. Since it’s so easy to use and it’s also rechargeable, I decided that I would purchase this type or portable A/C instead of one of the other kinds that I looked at. I’m hoping that it will be the answer to all of my problems this baseball season!

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